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What E Cig Revolution?

Posted by admin 02/03/2016 0 Comment(s) Vaping,

As vapers we have probably all seen the paradigm shift in the United States where the vaping scene has created a complete culture around the industry.

Often it is not really about stopping smoking either, many see vaping as a social pastime.

In The Independent Newspaper, it has been reported that  “78% of current smokers have either used e-cigs and disliked them, will never try them.”

With vape shops, online shops and pop up vape lounges appearing across the country it is hard to believe that only 15% of the smoking population partake.

This graph is taken from the Independent article.



Most of the eliquid365 team started vaping as a result of wanting to stop smoking, at a time when tobacco flavours were the main choice. It still seems that as an aid to stopping smoking the tobacco flavours a favoured, such as REBEK are preferred as they offer nicotine options up to 24mg but over time the use of more flavour and less nicotene seems to be the norm.

The Mail state that over 53% of vapers used it as a means to stop smoking, whilst the Washington post said a recent clinical trial found no real difference between e-cigs and nicotine patches in helping people stop smoking: Neither were very effective.

If these findings are anything to go by then the 'revolution' is yet to take off in the UK as it has done in the States and other parts of the World. More and more we are finding that the media are portraying one-sided and negative reports on 'e-smoking'.

We feel that these findings are again symptomtic of a 'crush and contain' syndrome that the powers that be use when they are not making enough revenue from something! Use the media to express negative views and blame nicotine for the problem!

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