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There’s WHAT in My E-liquid?

Posted by admin 26/08/2015 0 Comment(s)

Answer: Deer antler extract.

That’s right. Typically, every year, male deer shed their antlers ready to grow new ones. This regeneration process has intrigued medical practitionars and physicists for centuries, and the vaping revolution is, by its very nature, experimental. So, it only makes sense to blend the two, right? No? Well, let me elaborate … Deer antler extract has been used for centuries as a means or boosting energy, promoting healing and encouraging regrowth.

Over the years it is very popular with athletes, as it is used to regenerate muscles, increase  endurance, improve joint health and to shorten recovery time.


Why deer antler extract? What makes it so powerful?

The answer is that it contains high levels of IGF-1, one of the most effective natural growth hormones. This nutritinally packed supercharged supplement was first discovered by the ancient Chinese, where they would wonder at the deer’s ability to regenerate its antlers every spring, when they would collect the shed antlers and grind them into a medicinal powder. Today, the extract is commonly used by sports players from all over the world. “We are dynamic and radical,” said Mark Jacob, CEO and creator of Aktiv8vapor, a company that aims to meet the challenges as far as the next big thing in vaping is concerned. “Our community is the first to embrace a new technology ahead of the general population. Together, we are always asking, ‘What’s next?’ Deer2Peer started as an ecigarette product, but now also offers it as an e-liquid that comes in either 0 or 6 mg nicotine. The non-nicotine version has been proposed as a ‘dual use’” Jacob said. “It is an innovative product that can be used as an e-liquid as well as a tincture, with the drops being placed directly into one’s mouth.”

The vaporizer system enables users to instantly absorb the clinically proven benefits of purified deer antler extract (also known as DAE). It’s much faster than traditional sprays or pills.

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